Thursday, February 10, 2011

Haikus to President Obama

During AWP we asked writers who stopped by our booth (315!!) to write a haiku to President Obama. A continuing tradition at Split This Rock, the haikus are a creative and concise way to let the president know how we feel, and to remind him of his obligations to the American people. We had great participation this year, and felt that many of the haikus were simply too good for Obama to keep to himself. So, here are some of the highlights:

First the Russians then
Taliban - statues, people
ruined - now it's us

-Dr. Virginia Gilbert

The world is made of stories
not atom bombs. So we plead:
Find peaceful pathways!

- David Steinhardt

Tatoo on his arm
says "Miranda". Beneath it
the words, "We miss you"

-Daniel Schall

All your pragmatism
won't matter one bit
if we don't speak up

-Urayoan Noel

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