Friday, May 27, 2016

Haiku for President Obama: 2016 Festival Edition

During the 2016 Split This Rock Poetry Festival, we asked participants to write a Haiku for President Obama. We're sending them to the president today!

The haiku written were on many different themes and social issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement, transgender issues, and drones. There were also many haiku thanking the president for his time in office and wishing him luck and happiness on the journey that will follow.

Reflecting blood pool,
We drone on and on and on.
I hear their cries last.
                           –Michael Newheart

You shine in our time
All time waits with
held breath
Silence after drones
                     –Simone Roberts

Shine for your people
Black lives need your brave support
I believe in you
                     –Nicholas Pierce

No home; a soft chair
in the warm library. Books’
pages open wide.
              -Kim Leith

Chemicals can kill
Syrians have been calling
For a no fly zone
               –Eli J.

Outside the oval
Your actions have us reeling
And lend us breath, too
                                –Lauren Kokun

Two blocks from the White
House, poets are brewing the
real revolution

We will miss you lots
You have worked miracles
You are remembered

Let your last act as
President be a repeal
of all term limits

 #3 terms?

Leonard Peltier
needs your attention now
Grant him the spring air!
                                    – Nell Morningstar

I voted for you,
Bright black star to blur hard lines
Shame on the wealthy whites' dark greed!
                                  –Patsy Asuncion

Free Chelsea Manning
Free all trans prisoners
You knew she was right
                            –Tyler Vile

Barack’s drones bloom
the tulips in Pakistan
are dying
                                 –Jerry Fishman

I couldn’t be less
interested in the office
of imperial power.

Please release release
Please release release release
Leonard Peltier
                           –Nubia Kai 

Spring comes to D.C.
Waning of your presidency
Let bloom the voiceless

While those folks spewed words
Of hate and competition
We passed our Love Poems
                                 –John Rosenwald

I’m still holding hope
Green shoot watered by your words
The light in your eyes

Standing on your lawn
Your house is not as good as
You grilling on your balcony
                                        –Christopher Carmona

Lame ducks still can fly
Don’t let the bastards rope you,
hold you down. You soar.
                         –Margo Solod

Please release release
Please release release release
Mutulu Shakur

Your imperfections
the work undone, work unsung
Please stay strong, be brave
                    –Carol Evans

Blessings dear Barack
Your lovely family too
Life, legacy goes on on
                    –Carol Evans

Sit still not caring
About who hears the trembling
In your fractured heart
                              –Joya M. Latham

The spring has come forth
Your departure has come near
We need you to stay

I know you hear us
And I know you want to help
But it’s not working
                 –Bri Griffith

The hood is love
Don’t let them kill us Barack
8 years gone too soon
                           –Anthony Morales