Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Upcoming Kensington Row Bookshop Poetry Readings

Kensington Row Bookshop Poetry Readings
3786 Howard Avenue
Kensington MD 20895
301 949 9416.
Dec. 2, 2009, then Jan-June 2010
Last Wednesdays of the month.
Come early to browse & chat.
Refreshments provided.
An open reading will follow. Free.

On Wednesday, 2 December 2009, 7 pm, Greg McBride and Lyn Lifshin will read their poetry.

Greg McBride, a Vietnam veteran who practiced law for 30 years, edits Innisfree Poetry Journal. His work appears in Cimarron, Connecticut, Gettysburg, and Southern Poetry Reviews; New York Quarterly, Poet Lore, and River Styx. He won Boulevard's 2008 Emerging Poet Prize, and has a 2009 chapbook, Back of the Envelope.

Lyn Lifshin is the author of the germinal "No More Apologizing" proclamation, editor of the mother-daughter Tangled Vines anthology, and subject of an award-winning documentary film, Not Make of Glass. Her 120 books include Marilyn Monroe, Blue Tattoo, the Ruffian and Barbaro race-horse books, and three Black Sparrow books, Cold Comfort, Before It's Light, and Another Woman Who Looks Like Me.

On Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 7 pm, Bonnie Naradzay, Lee Giesecke, and Nancy Allinson will read their poetry. They are members of the Federal Poets, the Metro area's longest running workshop, which publishes The Federal Poet.

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