Friday, November 23, 2012

Poem of the Week: Margaret Rozga


Prayer at Plymouth Church
Let there be drums and harps,
piccolos and flutes, violins,
banjos and guitars.

Let there be hands clapping,
joyous voices, glad steps
open arms, open hearts.

Let us be like Amos proclaiming trouble
for those who turn justice into wormwood.
Let us tend sycamores and gather herbs.

Let no guns enter.

Let there be light.
Let us be the light.

In the name of the creator
In the names of all the prophets
let us pray
make peace.

-Margaret Rozga
Used by permission.

Margaret (Peggy) Rozga has published two books, the award-winning Two Hundred Nights and One Day and her new book Though I Haven’t Been to Baghdad, poems responding to her Army Reservist son’s deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. She presented and discussed Baghdad at Split This Rock 2012. Currently she is completing a new manuscript, Justice   Freedom   Herbs. She teaches poetry workshops and works as a private writing coach.

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