Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brightest Young Things Article about "Howl" in the City"

Check out the Brightest Young Things story about "Howl" in the City An excerpt follows:

In 1955 Allen Ginsberg's therapist encouraged him to quit his day job and devote more of his time to poetry. Experimentations (of all kinds) later, in 1956 he published HOWL, a poem in three parts and a footnote, which caused an unspeakable stir at the time ("so obscene") and often referred to "as the poem that helped change the world", a tall order for sure, and is considered one of the benchmarks of Beat Generation's opus. Many of you have read it, many of you feel like you have heard enough about it that you don't have to read it but this weekend 55 years later DC gets to experience firsthand this piece as it was intented to be experienced: as a performance piece

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