Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Tenth Birthday, Beltway Poetry Quarterly!

Beltway Poetry Quarterly Celebrates Ten Years of Publication!

Announcing Volume 11.1: Winter 2010
Beltway Poetry's Tenth Anniversary Issue:
A Celebration of Guest Editors

Beltway's newest issue features poems and reminiscences from the 15 talented people who have generously served as guest editors since the journal's founding: Merrill Leffler, Brian Gilmore, 2008 Split This Rock Featured Poet, Hilary Tham, Saundra Rose Maley, Grace Cavalieri, 2008 Split This Rock Featured Poet, Naomi Ayala, 2008 Split This Rock Featured Poet, Sarah Browning, Split This Rock Co-Director, Andrea Carter Brown, Kwame Alexander, Teri Ellen Cross, Split This Rock advisory board member, Regie Cabico, Split This Rock core leader, Katie Davis , Maureen Thorson, Toni Asante Lightfoot, 2010 Split This Rock Featured Poet, and Dan Vera, key Split This Rock activist. Editor Kim Roberts is also a member of the Split This Rock advisory board.

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