Thursday, March 4, 2010

Split This Rock in Street Sense

The following is an excerpt from an article by Sonja Doty in Street Sense newspaper. The full article can be found here.
On March 12, writers and contributors from Miriam’s Studio will present the case for poetry workshops building community at the Split This Rock Poetry Festival. From March 10 to 13, the festival will ask that people consider the benefits of poetry.

“People have been dehumanized in some profound ways that affect daily functioning,” said Kate Baasch, art therapist at Miriam’s Kitchen. “The studio is a safe place to be.”

The Studio, an art outreach program of Miriam’s Kitchen, has had a writing program for over 15 years. Originally called the After-Breakfast Program, the name changed on January 18 with the addition of the Evening Program.

Split This Rock Poetry Festival was first introduced in 2008, as a way of celebrating poetry used for social change, according to Sarah Browning, co-director of the festival.

“We wanted to praise these unsung heroes who are restoring vitality to our language,” she said.

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