Friday, August 23, 2013

Poem of the Week: Gayle Danley

Become a slam poet in five steps - Gayle Danley
Become a Slam Poet in Five Steps - Gayle Danley

Lesson by Gayle Danley, animation by TED-Ed, narration by Paged d. Matam.

Used by permission.

Gayle Danley's explosive style combines movement and emotion as she performs her magic on the audience, sweeping them up in her words as she addresses and explores contemporary issues.  In addition to her motivational speaking and college performances, she has maintained a constant tour of elementary and secondary schools, helping students with traumatic experiences and teaching workshops on Slam poetry to all age groups. A multi award winning international Slam poet originally from N.Y., but now residing in Baltimore, her accomplishments as an artist, educator, and author are but a small part of her riveting mastery in fusing her poetry with the ability to touch her audience through real life experiences, leaving a lasting emotional message.

Pages d. Matam is a multidimensional creative writing and performance artist, residing in the D.C. metropolitan area, but originally from Cameroon, Africa. Author, educator, activist, playwright, host, event organizer, Award Winning slam poet, and his greatest accomplishment, being a father. A proud gummy bear elitist, bowtie enthusiast, professional hugger and anime fanatic, be prepared to be taken on a journey of cultural and personal discovery unapologetic in its silly, yet visceral and beautifully honest in its storytelling.  

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