Friday, March 22, 2013

Poem of the Week: Melissa Tuckey

Melissa Tuckey    

Dick Cheney's New Heart Speaks  
A roadside bomb is planted in every chest

I was a pea sized fist in the dirt of a man
who had half your brains
but he was good

The heart does not relinquish its domain
Your blood confesses to every crime

Don't expect me to be patient with you

Your DNA has struck a compromise  
with the purgatory of souls

Your fingerprints engraved with
names of the dead

Have a seat Mr. Cheney while
your skin
reads its final testimony 

-Melissa Tuckey  

Used by permission.

Melissa Tuckey is author of Tenuous Chapel, selected by Charles Simic for the ABZ Press first book prize (May 2013) and Rope As Witness (Pudding House Press, 2007). Her honors and awards include a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center Winter Fellowship, and writing fellowships from DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and Ohio Arts Council, as well as a residency at Blue Mountain Center.
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Marcia Slatkin said...

Wonderful poem, Melissa! Just what he deserves.