Friday, March 15, 2013

Haiku Postcards to the President: AWP 2013 Edition

Haiku Postcards to the President: 
AWP 2013 Edition

If you were at AWP this year, you may have stopped by Split This Rock's table at the bookfair and encountered one (or all) of the smiling faces above. These are a few of our staff and volunteers who may have urged you to write a haiku postcard to President Obama.  We've read through them all and pulled the most inventive, the most powerful, the funniest. Read them below! And thanks to all those who shared their voices with us.

The whole campus cheered
The night you were elected
We watched. Eyes wide-tears.
-          Lianne McCray

The silence before the drone
And the heavier silence
Forever After
-          Corrie Etter

Snow blows in the wind
Empty apartment windows
Dusty with promise
-          Lyle Daggett

Birds fly high over
The city. Snow muffles loud
Mouth voices below
-          Dr. Virginia Gilbert

Split the rock and hear
Musical notes rise to
Awaken your sleeping soul.
-          Satya Plalaparty

On the subject of
Drones – focus on the bees, sir,
Not on weaponry.
-          Liz Lanedale

Mr. President
Take congress out for Tacos.
Everything will change.
-          Kate Eber 

The love of country,
Honor, pride, justice, and peace
Collide a rainbow.
-          Yolanda J. Franklin

Yes humanity
Yes peace yes music of love
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
-          Dawn Lonsinger

Be your conscience. Don’t
Bow under the weighted snowfall
Of everyone’s gaze.
-          Andrew Kozma 

Because I love her
I want to marry her lips
Legalize our kiss
-          Leigh Phillips

Holes on highways leave
Broken bits of gravel in
The craks of my skin
-          Nicole Byrne

Education for
Our youth, or do you intend
To make drones of them?
-          Pages Matam

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