Thursday, January 24, 2013

Even More Books from 2012 - and forthcoming this year

As anticipated, we missed some terrific new books in our list of favorite 2012 books, even some by close friends of Split This Rock. So, an addendum. Please rush out and get yourself copies!

Addendum to Split This Rock List of Recommended Poetry Books


A Time of Angels, Homero Aridjis (City Lights)
Aridjis, through his political and environmental work, has fought to save the planet and its species, but the poems in A Time for Angels allow him to explore darker territory where that may not be possible. More than a time for angels, Aridjis’s poems suggest, it is a time for self-reckoning. - Words Without Borders

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon, CA Conrad (Wave Books)
A kind of poetry manual tinged with manifesto: a call to nonviolent and creative arms against a world in which “metal and plastic rule the center of gravity,” and against a nation that propagates war and mindless consumption. - Coldfront

Collected Poems, Jack Gilbert (Knopf)
Despite his impulse to savor life’s richness and to bring pleasure and suffering into balance, Gilbert’s speaker is also vigilant, quietly braced by the awareness of mortality, described in one poem as “a cello in-side him.” - World Literature Today

Border Songs, Sam Hamill (Word Palace Press)
The shape of Sam Hamill's mind is the shape of both a revolutionary and a monk at work. His sacred text is poetry. - Terry Tempest Williams

Waxwings, Daniel Nathan Terry (Lethe Press)
Waxwings draws a portrait of a gay man that spans childhood, sexual initiation, lovers, coupling, the death of family and spouse, and meditation on what living will bring in coming years. It does so with breath-stopping beauty. - Hayden's Ferry Review

And forthcoming in 2013:

The Philosopher's Daughter, Lori Desrosiers (Salmon Poetry)  

\blak\ \al-fe bet\: Poems, Mitchell L. H. Douglas (Persea)

The Most Natural Thing, David Keplinger (New Issues Poetry & Prose) 

Gracias, Alma Luz Villanueva

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