Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mark Nowak's May Day post on Harriet

Mark Nowak, a featured poet at Split This Rock 2010, labor activist, cultural critic, Professor at Washington College, Director of the Rose O'Neill Literary House, and good friend recently penned a post at the Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog. With so much going on at the intersection of poetry and politics, Mark efficiently sheds light on a variety of current projects, poets, conversations, meetings, and movements - all in one fell swoop.

He also makes a little nod to last month's successful Sunday Kind of Love that featured Chicago-based slam poet Kevin Coval and our very own DC Youth Slam Team. This was a collaboration between Split This Rock and the Rose O'Neill Literary House.

And most importantly, Mark gives a little nudge to all you good people out there to get cracking on your proposal submissions for Split This Rock 2012! He wants to see you there - and so do we!

Thanks, Mark!

Check out his post here:


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