Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo of the Day: Waveland, MS

This week, leading up to the Broken Gulf benefit on Saturday, I will be posting a picture and some information about the damage each morning.

The following photos are links, which I encourage you to visit. Waveland, MS was leveled 5 years ago by Hurricane Katrina. David and Kimberly King documented the damage to their neighborhood here. The pier, a popular attraction, just reopened this spring.

Now, Waveland is seeing destruction of a different kind: fish dying from exposure to oil. This photo from May 9, 2010, shows the environmental costs to Waveland's community of the oil spill. Another photo from the slideshow is captioned in part: Now, in the face of this man-made disaster, we’re utilizing things we learned from Katrina recovery — like directing energy toward volunteer training for eventual clean-up. In ways as diverse as our culture itself, we’re finding comfort and strength in the kinship of community.

Help us celebrate this diversity of culture by purchasing a ticket to the Broken Gulf benefit today.

For more reader submitted pictures, please see the full New York Times slideshow.

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