Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Write an elegy for the HUMMER

Dear friends,

Calling all poets! What would you write on a tombstone to bury the Hummer? The Hummer is dead. The militaristic, gas-guzzling, polluting 8,400-pound hunks that drove environmentalists and peaceniks crazy as they cruised down our city streets will soon be extinct---the last one rolled off the production line in May. The Hummer was emblematic of a Rambo-like era, culture, lifestyle, and political philosophy disrespectful to both human beings and mother nature.

CODEPINK will build a memorial to the Hummer in motor city, Detroit, before the US Social Forum begins on June 22. Our art installation will include the burial of an actual Hummer and the rise of the new economy emerging from its ashes. Picture bicycles, butterflies, a surrounding community garden, and more! We are seeking an "Ode to the Hummer" to place on the plaque that will announce the Hummer burial art piece. Read more about the death of the Hummer in this blog by Medea Benjamin.

Submit your rhyme, limerick, sonnet, or prose to The author of the chosen "Ode to the Hummer" will win a special gift from CODEPINK. Ode will be selected by the artists by June 19, 2010.

Can't find the words? Donate funds to help make this project a success!

Rae, Tighe, Medea, Nancy
CODEPINK Women for Peace

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