Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Announcing Split This Rock's 2018 Pushcart Nominations

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Pushcart Press
Split This Rock is very pleased to announce its 2018 nominations for the Pushcart Prize.

These poems address the power in our vulnerability. They look at the damage done by colonialism and hetero-patriarchy in our society, our families, and in our private emotional worlds. These poems name the terror of that violence. They reach into genealogies and communities for sources of resistance. And one of them personifies an elemental force of destruction in a new mythology.

ARS POLITICA: HOW TO MAKE ART,” Laurie Ann Guerrero 
The Child Formerly Known As ___________,” Cameron Awkward Rich 
To the woman I saw today who wept in her car,” Bianca Lynn Spriggs 
The Santa Ana,” Paul Tran 
Commodity,” Jeanann Verlee 
The Poet I Wish I Was,” Karenne Wood
Photo collage of the six poets. Their images are available with alt text at the links for their poems in this post.
Paul Tran, Jeanann Verlee, Karenne Wood
Laurie Ann Guerrero, Cameron Awkward Rich, Bianca Lynn Spriggs

The selected poems, like the six Split This Rock nominated for Best of the ‘Net 2018, are poems we reread to feel connection to community and to remain awake to possibility in these difficult times. We hope they nourish you as well!


You may visit these and over 500 other poems of provocation and witness in The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database -- a searchable digital anthology of poems by a diverse array of contemporary socially engaged poets, published by Split This Rock since 2009. Like all Split This Rock programs, The Quarry is designed to bring poetry fully to the center of public life.

Searchable by social justice theme, author’s identity, state, and geographic region, this database is a unique, rich resource. The Quarry offers poems that will inform and inspire you, your peers, and all with whom you work and collaborate. For search tips, visit
Split This Rock's website.

You might not only read these poems but also use them to keep yourself grounded, to open meetings, to share among discussion groups, to email to representatives to encourage them to keep working for the general welfare, or to share with those who might benefit from perspectives different from their own. To learn more about The Quarry and its uses, visit its

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