Thursday, February 23, 2017

Haiku Postcards - AWP 2017

This is an image of the Haiku postcard -- it features 3 poets. Then Split This Rock's logo

Split This Rock was in full force at the Associated Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Washington, DC, February 8-11, 2017. This year's conference was jammed pack with poetic resistance and one of our favorite highlights is the Haiku postcards, inviting attendees to send messages to the President or their representatives. We're sharing some of our favorites here.


it is beautiful
but it is just too damn cold
help them find their warmth

-- anonymous

Mom, I say, Please don't
leaves fall slower than my hope
Another let down



Oregon is real dope
Try not to ruin Portland
Save the arts alright

-- Will Schweinfurth

Words of history,
cold on the page, flare in the
flame of burning books

-- Virginia Gilbert

Mr. President
You depend on our silence
I have some bad news

-- anonymous

Hey Donald J. Trump
Help us save our grandchildren
Climate change is real

-- anonymous

this land was never
yours. Didn't your mother teach
you better than that?

-- anonymous

DeVostation comes
to publicize education.
Come on! Grow a spine!

-- anonymous

The earth is dying
My body is no longer mine
Not one of you care

-- a student afraid for the future

I wonder if
you've sat down
to eat at a
Persian Restaurant
ate Lebanese food --
Heard poetry from that world?

-- anonymous

I dislike you. Please
Do not do anything ever.
Eat Mexican food.

-- anonymous

How long will my gay
marriage last? forever is
relative these days.

-- anonymous

Gentle, angry -- we
Life up. Fists, hearts. And justice,
Holds us. Does not die.

-- Brook Petersen

Save us from today
Help us stand for peace and love
We did not choose this

-- anonymous

Orange ogres are not
fit to decide who should get
rights and who should not

-- Alex Carrigan

History and glass
capitol like the country
yes, it can be broken

-- RJ Hazard


To Congressman Earl Blumenaur

This is a shit show
How can we get to that point
Four years is so far

-- Kole Nakamore

To Congressman Tom McClintock

The Cabinet
Before spring blooms
Our land has seen such darkness
Facism is a slippery slope

To Attorney General

This fox, in his suit
Will be the one to assume
No hens face injustice

-- Robin Martin

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