Friday, June 14, 2013

Poem of the Week: Theresa Davis

Because She Thinks She Is Going To Hell  

you are not being judged
because your bones decided
maybe in a moment unplanned
to rest near my bones

passion has no punishment
except the ones
we place upon our own hearts

I mean
we were runaway trains that night
and I was wearing my voice
at just the right decibel

you never stood a chance

I understand those urges
that make you question things
like sexuality and I want to know
what this feels like
regret doesn't live in my heart
it simply can't afford the rent
and I am no test dummy
no one takes advantage of me
without my permission
if your tongue is tied
my prayer is that your thoughts are not
I am drawn to all things beautiful
and like it or not you were
you are beautiful

I mean
we were a head-on collision that night
and I never saw you coming
until I did 

-Theresa Davis 

Used by permission. 

From After This We Go Dark, Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013. 

Theresa Davis has been a member of the ArtsInterface, Co-founder of Art Amok Slam Team, Women of the World Slam Champion (2011), poet in residence as the 2012 McEver Chair of Georgia Tech University, Emerging Artist Grant Recipient, co-producer of the staged poetry performance with Jon Goode "Wish You Were Here", and was honored by the City of Atlanta by declaring May 22 "Theresa Davis Day."
In July 2012, Theresa released her Chapbook Simon Says, poems about teaching and anti-bullying themes. This project, in partnership with the City of Atlanta's Bureau of Cultural Affairs, is a call to action to bring about an end to bully culture in our children's classrooms. In 2013, Theresa released her first published collection of poems entitled After This We Go Dark with Sibling Rivalry Press. 
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Unknown said...

Well, what can I say except...well written. You paint such a detailed picture of what so many struggle with. It was sharp, to the point, descriptive and memorable enough to exist in my mind for a long time.

Thank you.