Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem of the Week: Marc A. Drexler

Marc A. Drexler         
2nd Grader Killed by Stray Bullet         

children in
certain neighborhoods
should know better than to
sit by a window
& if
2nd Grader Killed by Stray Bullet
had the luxury of
maybe she would have sat by a lamp but
2nd Grader Killed by Stray Bullet
needed light for her

just 50 blocks from
2nd Grader Killed by Stray Bullet
us congress enacts price supports
for crime lords called
war on drugs
so a few pennies worth of
crack cocaine commands
to fund campaign contributions.

in rich neighborhoods people just
buy the shit but
poor addicts need
armed robbery or purse snatching
to slake their jones or they join
gangs that sell it to get their
cut. plenty of money to go around
well worth the risk &
she's small so
2nd Grader Killed by Stray Bullet's
casket won't cost much.

-Marc A. Drexler

Used by permission.    
I don't like hierarchy. I don't like labels. I formally resigned from society when I was twelve. I believe in collectivism, an organizational structure where we all are equal. I worked for 14 years at the Maryland Food Collective. I am currently a member of the Earth Collective, a group of roughly 7 billion people who make all the decisions on how we interact with our planet.
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S.E.Ingraham said...

An excellent poem Marc...thoughtful, timely and spot on...I hope you'll continue to write and submit...I think you have a distinctive voice that needs to be heard