Monday, January 9, 2012

Liberty's Vigil release

FootHills Publishing Releases First International Occupy Movement Anthology

Liberty’s Vigil, The Occupy Anthology:

99 Poets among the 99%

Ninety-nine poets, including 2012 festival featured poet Kathy Engel and a handful of Split This Rock friends: Francisco X. Alarcón, Scott Hightower, M.J Iuppa, and Michael Rothenberg, speak out on behalf of the 99%, encouraging their fellow citizens to join in the effort to end corporate excess and income inequality, and win back the middle-class from corporate titans and their political puppets. Co-editors Karla Linn Merrifield and Dwain Wilder have assembled the first anthology of its type in the world to inspire readers to take action on behalf of the 99%.

We encourage you to check out the Liberty's Vigil blog: for the latest on the project, including readings.

Liberty’s Vigil, The Occupy Anthology: 99 Poets among the 99% (128 pages) is available for $20.00 at selected bookstores nationwide – ISBN 978-0-931053-81-8 -- and from FootHills Publishing at FootHills Publishing, celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, is headquartered in Wheeler Hill, N.Y. Michael Czarnecki, publisher, is available at (607) 566-3881.

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Rochester Poets said...

Join us this coming Sunday, January 15, for the publication date reading of the FIRST Occupy poetry anthology, "Liberty's Vigil: 99 Poets Among the 99%" published by Michael Czarnecki's FootHills Press. The event will be 2-5 pm, in the Ross Art Gallery of the Skalny Welcome Center at St. John Fisher College. More details and RSVP at