Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warrior Writers Anthology Deadline Extended - August 10

1. Warrior Writers’ third anthology!!!
2. Warrior Writers at the First Annual New York Poetry Festival, July 30
3. Veterans and Community Conference in Chicago September 9th-11th
4. Featured Veteran Artist: Maurice Decaul
5. Stay Connected

Warrior Writers’ third anthology!!!
We need your help to make it a reality!

Veterans, we need your writing and artwork submissions:
Time is running out to submit your work for Warrior Writers’ third anthology of writing and visual art. Download the complete submission guidelines here. Click here for the submission form you send in with your works.
We have extended the deadline to August 10! Remember, you can post your work on the blog or Facebook to get feedback from others, but you must get feedback before you submit your final work with the form.

Allies, Supporters, we need your financial assistance:
A warrior’s work is a collection of thoughts, pain, happiness, fear, excitement, dread, beauty and ugliness. Our warriors band together to help others understand their past and see a future for themselves. They stand together in the Warrior Writers’ anthology like they stood together once on the battlefield. Will you stand with them as they move beyond war? Will you support them in getting their voices heard and their words read? Will you take a moment to give, to give their art a chance to be seen, heard, felt and understood?

Veterans have struggled for decades with the silence of their stories. Please help fund the voices of this generations’ veterans. Donate here to help us get this book published!

To buy one or both of our previous books, click here. For full submission guidelines, click here.

Warrior Writers at the First Annual New York Poetry Festival July 30
Warrior Writers will perform at the First Annual New York Poetry Festival on Saturday, July 30th at Governor’s Island. The performance will showcase Veteran and ally artists. By performing together, Warrior Writers will show the power of art, not just through individual expression, but also through a collective process of veterans and allies supporting each other in healing and creativity. Click here for details.

Veterans and Community Conference in Chicago September 9-11th
Hey Mid-Westerners, Warrior Writers has just confirmed dates for our Veterans and Community Conference in Chicago! The conference will be held from September 9-11. Some workshops include: writing, visual art, Working with Veterans 101, Facilitator’s Training and local support for Veterans. This conference will have a special emphasis on visual art, so we invite you painters, photographers, printers, and the like to come imagine with us! Limited travel scholarships are available for Veterans who are visual artists. They will be given on a first come, first served basis, apply online.

Online registration opens on Wednesday August 3rd. Click here for registration info.

Featured Veteran Artist
Poetry by Maurice Decaul

At night he cries, under the
bleachers he cries, in the back
of the track, to himself, he cries,
he remembers the places, the smells
the feel of the wind against his face,
the sight of the birds taking to flight startled,
The images remain, the images remain,
unwilling to rest in his soul, to reset to
remain in control, he fights the urge, he
fights the stress, the disorder, that's trying
to rest control.
late at night he cries, the images
replay, unable to control, to fight
he cries.

Writing Exercise - There is no formal exercise this month. We need you to focus on typing, editing and sending in your work to be submitted for our anthology, deadline is AUGUST 1!!!

Stay Connected
* Be in the loop! We’re still building our database and need your addresses so we can send you postcards about upcoming events. Please click here to submit your info via our website.

*Become our friends/supporters/fan on Facebook (Warrior Writers) and invite your friends to spread the word to their networks.

With Gratitude,
Warrior Writers

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