Monday, June 27, 2011

Women, War, and Peace - Curated by Sarah Browning

The following poem excerpts are samples of what can be found in the latest edition of On The Issues, of which Split This Rock Director Sarah Browning is the Poetry Co-Editor. Please click over to read the rest.

There is misery by the busload. Mothers scrounge
for bits of bread. Children lose the race with flames.
We can't make sense of paper, rock or scissors
or velvet political games.
- From "All There Is, Washington DC" by Carmen Calatayud

piestewa is survived by two young children by her mother and father in lieu of flowers jessica lynch who was a long-time ally and confidante applied to abc's extreme makeover home edition to fulfill lori's dream of a home where her entire family could live together and be happy and so while the piestewa family was sent off on a paid vacation to disney- world ty pennington and his crew went to work purchasing land and building a home for them when a hopi is deceased she comes back to the home mesas
- From "piestewa, lori" by Meg Hamill

I kick this dream over
like a kerosene can,

galloping flame. I reach
for medicine, sleepless mare.
- From "Horse and Fire Dream" by Kathy Engel

No is the perimeter of stubborn cactus
springing up around destroyed villages.
You can bulldoze houses, evict or kill the inhabitants,
but the thorns of memory can’t be eliminated.
 - From "No" by Lisa Suhair Majaj

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