Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Splitista Henry Braun - from Maine to DC to Egypt


in Egypt....and D.C......and

These days the sunlight almost seems total.
A few men and women, trees, stand between heaven and earth.
In the light of their shadows we others are reading
messages the dead have stopped sending
these days of almost fatal sunlight.

Henry Braun

Verses of mine from the Vietnam war years, published in The Nation when Denise Levertov was poetry editor.
I was part of the Split This Rock demo that once recited single antiwar lines in front of the White House. After a day of watching Cairo on the laptop, a day of knowing that the poets are assembling in D.C., not being able to leave our woodstove in the woods of Maine, I had to send you this old "these days" poem.

I recite "These Days" on my website

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