Friday, November 14, 2008


After eight years of misery and darkness—change! The Bushes are moving out and none too soon. After a tremendous campaign—Obama won by a landslide. Though we may not agree with all of his policies, we do have great reason to celebrate! On November 3, we brought change, electing the first black president, expanding our notion of what is possible in this country, invigorating democracy. We voted and we cried. If nothing else, we know we are powerful, we know that when we work together we can make a difference.

Our journey doesn't end here. There is so much work to be done just to undo the damage of the last eight years, it will take all of us.

In Washington, DC, the streets on election night were jubilant. I've never experienced anything like it. It was like walking through a Whitman poem—everyone embracing one another in celebration of our expanding democracy. One by one they came, until every street was occupied by chanting joyful people. In front of the White House, pure glee. We were every color, every ethnicity, every age that night and none were strangers!

The next day was more sobering—propositions to deny the rights of same sex couples to marry were passed in several states, including proposition 8 in California. And then began the Obama appointments, which have already disappointed.

For now though—let there be joy. Let our poems break boundaries in their joy.

Something large has changed in our country, how will we put it into words? This is our time to reclaim language. To reclaim community. To reclaim hope. We have work to do. How shall we begin?

Posted by: Melissa, Tuckey, Co-Director, Split This Rock

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